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Managed IT Services | IT Company | Edmonton

Managed IT Services is a proactive approach to network management. Think of this as a comprehensive insurance policy on your car! you don’t sign up for insurance after something happens to your car, you do so when you buy your car. Your car is valuable, your business is much more valuable so help protect your investment by investing in a Managed IT Services agreement. Each plan is carefully tailored to each of our client’s networks. The plan tailored for a law firm will most probably not be a suitable fit for a company in the manufacturing or oil & gas sectors. Our Managed IT Services always take into account where you are now and plan for where you want to be in the future. We don’t stop there, we actually help advise you during every step of your journey. K2 is not an IT company, we are a full-scale IT Solutions provider for your convenience. When enrolling for a Managed IT Services plan with K2, it will always be K2 and You!

A Managed Services Agreement (MSA) includes many different services which depend on your network. Some of the services are standard to all plans.

  • Unlimited support
  • Server administration and monitoring
  • Network administration and monitoring
  • Network security administration
  • And much, much more!
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring

    K2’s state-of-the-art remote management and monitoring system is configured to monitor your entire network. Our experts are notified in the event a network appliance (firewall, switch, access point, etc…) goes down so we are on top of the issue right away.

  • Server Maintenance and Monitoring

    K2’s state-of-the-art remote management and monitoring system is configured to monitor your servers. It is configured to monitor a comprehensive list of applications to ensure maximum uptime. We continuously add applications to our monitoring pool as per our client’s requirements.

  • Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is a major undertaking. Antivirus alone is no longer enough. Multiple tools work together to form a better defence policy.

  • Predicted Costs

    One of the most likable features of Managed IT Services is cost predictability. You will be aware of what your cost is and what it entails. No surprises with honest and transparent billing!

  • IT Helpdesk

    When partnering with K2 Networks our team is an extension to yours. We become your IT department. No question is too small and no question is too big. We are at your disposal. You will have direct access to our team!

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Disaster Recovery Plans aka DRPs | IT Company | Edmonton

Not all backup plans are created equally! There are “backups” and there are BACKUPS. Our definition of a backup is an applied system that continuously and safely stores copies of data for either individual file recovery or full server restoration in the event of a disaster, regardless of the cause.

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a full backup and recovery system that allows us to recover a full server within less than an hour in many cases. Our unique approach to DRPs employs best-in-class backup software and actual disaster-proof storage systems complemented by a secure encrypted cloud backup.

Business continuity should not be taken lightly. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What will happen if our servers crash?
  2. What is our disaster recovery plan?
  3. Are we covered against ransomware?
  4. How quickly can we get back online after a disaster?
  5. How much will each hour of downtime cost?

Those are just to list a few. The actual list is much longer and is designed not to generate fear of the unknown. It is designed to prepare you for the unknown. Our job is to think about almost every possible scenario and plan a resolution plan so you don’t have to worry about the safety and integrity of your data. K2 and You all the way to future growth!


Cybersecurity | IT Company | Edmonton

K2 Networks offers Best-In-Class full network and endpoint solutions utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software. Companies that implemented our recommended solutions saw a reduction of up to 100% in ransomware infections. You already have the first line of defence at your company! Your staff! Network security is not just a bunch of hardware and software. A full network security package includes the most important piece; knowledge. K2 helps educate your staff to detect possible threats, SPAM and Spoofing emails, malicious attachments, and other cyber threats. Implementing a 360-degree security plan will be complete when staff are properly educated in security, enough to protect themselves which will add to a fully aware and educated team and by extension a secure network.

Some of the security services we offer:

– Network security solutions

– Endpoint security solutions

– Full 360-degree security solutions

K2 Networks is your IT Company, in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

  • Network Security

    A network security appliance is a very important part of a cybersecurity policy. Our preferred firewall partner is Cisco Meraki. It offers great security features.

  • Servers and Computers Security

    Antivirus is a part of a larger puzzle. All the pieces together work to create a protective “bubble” around your business.

  • Secure Remote Access

    Our remote access solutions are secure and very easy to use! You can work from home seamlessly as if you were at the office all within your network protective “bubble”.

  • Email Security

    Over 90% (2019) of threats come from email. It is a critical front that we tackle regardless of your email provider.

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IT Consulting | IT Company | Edmonton

Proper IT Consulting starts with understanding your company. Once our team understands your company, where you are and where you want to go we will be able to provide you with sound advice. Leave IT to the expert team at K2 Networks and let’s work together to grow your business


IT Consulting | IT Company | Edmonton

Your website is your online salesperson. It’s the online representation of your business. It must be professionally designed and properly reflects your business. The expert development team at K2 is highly experienced in web development. We have the ability to design and implement websites and full web-based apps. Allow us to design your website and help build trust with your online visitors.


You never stop working to grow your business. We are always by your side so you don’t have to worry about IT. On-going support does not have to be reactive. Partnering with K2 Networks allows you to benefit from our best-in-class comprehensive proactive support processes, procedures, monitors, and automation.

K2 Networks is your IT Services Edmonton Partner


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